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Simple and precise volume reduction with no mud! Put your amp to work for your overdive tone and use the Descend as a clean (or cleaner) channel in a box. Stunningly useful in live performance.

All too often, guitarists find themselves turning down the gain on their beautifully driven tube amps to rely solely on pedals for distortion while limiting the amp as a clean channel. The Descend was made to reverse this issue and inspire single channel amps to get cranked back up where they belong.

A bone simple control set guarantees ease of use in performance. While the Reduction knob issues a controlled and consistent volume drop, the bypassable Filter knob dials in a wide variety of frequency responses. In Filter-off mode (toggle switch down) the Filter knob is disabled and instead the Descend offers a very even-handed wide-frequency response that is most likely to mirror the clean-tone of your amp.

When it comes to overdrive, we know guitarists dive in with time and money to find the perfect tube amp. Why not let those tubes go to work for a killer overdrive tone? Crank it up and let the Descend handle the clean(er) stuff.



-Hand-made in Minneapolis Mn.
-Lifetime Warranty (Barring Abuse)
-Voiced Openly for Guitar & Bass
-True Bypass Switching
-Single Point Mounted PCB
-Flying Leads to Pots and Jacks
-Neutrik 1/4" Audio Jacks
-Powder-Coated Durable Finish
-Customer-Service Ready to Help
-Dual Quality-Control Testing
-Hand Signed and Numbered

Power Supply:
9 Volt DC 200 mA Center - 2.1mm

Power Consumption:
1.07 mA

I/O Impedance:
Under Review

4 5/8" x 2 1/2" x 1 1/2"
11.75 x 6.35 x 3.81 cm